Jesus’ Gaze

Tuesday of Holy Week

Madelyn McDermott – Sydney DOJ

Imagine sitting across from Jesus and witnessing the moment when He knows one of His friends has decided to betray Him. Would we be able to see the pain in His eyes? 

Reflecting on this story I cannot help but imagine that Jesus, when looking upon Judas, would have had tears falling from His eyes. Not because He was angry at him, but because it hurts Him when those He loves, turn away from Him.

It can be so easy to be critical of Judas as he chooses the world over Jesus, but how many times have you and I done the same thing? Even though you may love Jesus with your whole heart, the reality is, we are human and when we choose our own selfish desires over love, we are going to fall short of the glory of God. It can be overwhelming when we think about the reality of our sin, but it can also be really powerful as it reveals to us our need for a saviour. 

During this Lenten journey, as we come to terms with the weight of our fallen humanity, let us turn our eyes towards Jesus, remembering our need for His mercy. When you do this and Jesus gazes upon you with compassion, try not to hide or run away, but embrace the love He is wanting to pour into your heart.

Today’s Scripture

Reading: Isaiah 49:1-6

Gospel: John 13:21-33,36-38