Pour Yourself Out

Monday of Holy Week

Elijah Boylen – Perth DOJ

The first half of Isaiah paints a beautiful image of the justice of God. Justice that is not loud and forceful but gentle and persistent. This is followed by the image of a God who, though all-powerful, nevertheless takes His people by the hand and faithfully fulfills the covenant they have broken. A God who not just nurtures His people back to health but raises them to glory – a light to the nations (*wink wink*).

The gospel shows the gentleness of Christ in action. Despite Judas’ comments, Jesus doesn’t require extravagant acts of faith but rather asks us to simply love Him; our souls pouring out everything to Christ like Mary pours out her oil and as Christ pours all that He is into us. Jesus knows that with genuine love for Him, the actions will soon follow.

Finally, we see the witness of Lazarus whose resurrection was bringing droves of people to Jesus, mirroring how the raw effect of Christ’s resurrection in our own life is a greater witness to God’s love than any action or preaching we could deliver.

All in all, by pouring ourselves out to Christ, we empty our hands to grasp the gentle, nurturing hand of the almighty who pulls us from the grave into the light so that we, like Him, can be a light to the nations.

How will you pour yourself out to God this Holy Week?