A Deeper Calling

Fourth Wednesday of Lent

It is all too easy to read about the Israelites and the calf they fashioned out of molten metal, and think, “I would never do that!  How could anyone worship a lifeless idol?  That’s not me.”  And yet, perhaps today’s readings challenge me to critically assess my life: what are my idols?  Where am I spending my time, energy and money?  What drives my actions, what are my priorities?

The idols of today’s world may be more hidden than they were for the Israelites in the desert:

Do I think too much of my own personal comfort?  Do I spend too many hours on mindless entertainment, or on the internet or social media?  Am I too concerned with what people might think of me?  Do I have a fear of missing out… on the latest technology, the hottest news, the best online bargains, the fun that everyone else seems to be having?

We are God’s people – we are destined for glory!  Our heritage is eternal life, and that promise of eternal life is not only for the future, it is for today!  We are made to share in the very life of God.  Have we made enough room in our day to enjoy God’s presence and love?  If not, then today is a good time to start again.

Lord, remember us for the love you bear your people!  Grant us the grace to let go of our idols, and claim our true heritage: a life with You in eternity.  Amen.


Sulyn Leslie

North Sydney DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st Reading: Exodus 32:7-14 

Gospel: John 5:18, 31-47