Hope in his Promise

Fourth Wednesday of Lent

“The Lord has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.” These words reflect the cries of the Jewish people held captive in Babylon.


It strikes me how easy it is to lose sight of our blessedness. Perhaps we are more similar to the Jewish people than we would like to admit. When disappointments come our way, or we are overwhelmed by our suffering, we can find ourselves feeling abandoned by God.


In today’s first reading, when God reminds the Jewish people that He has not forgotten them in their pain, the same is true for us. And that is because we are His beloved. Stronger than any bond a mother can have with her child, God’s love for us is unconditional and extravagant. So despite how we might feel, when inevitable trials come our way, we trust that “[He] will not forget [us]” and that He is building us a road through every mountain we face, so that we can overcome them (Verse 11).


Today we are also encouraged to “sing for joy.” Through Jesus’ victory on the cross, we are no longer bound by the chains of sin and darkness and can more fully experience what it means to be the beloved. Just as God promised to protect and nourish the Jewish people whilst on their journey out of captivity, we too have everything we need to strengthen us on our pilgrimage to heaven. The Sacraments, Adoration, devotions to Mother Mary, the saints and the list goes on. Praise God!


Sophie Pullella

Perth DOJ


Today’s Scripture

 1st Reading: Isaiah 49:8-15 

Gospel: John 5:16-30