Bless the Lord, O my soul

Third Saturday of Lent

It’s hard to comprehend the certainty of God’ coming to us.

Hosea teaches us that God’s coming to us is as “certain as the dawn” and that he will “come as showers come, like spring rains watering the earth”. Reflect on this: each dawn is indeed sure. No matter our turmoil, sunrise always comes.


We can go to God and be confident that he will come to us.


But how will he come to us?


The Gospel shows us our required disposition to receive God. The Pharisee was arguably righteous and hadn’t sinned until he spoke. He fatally ascribed his faithful spiritual life to his own efforts. He forgot that it is always God who calls, and we respond. Everything God gives us – intellect, emotions, insights, empathy, faith – find their source and are purified in him. When we corrupt any good by believing we are its source, we find ourselves in sin.


The Tax collector was involved in serious sin – selling out his people (Jews) by working for Roman oppressors. He didn’t claim to be sinless or make excuses. Instead, he confessed his sin and asked for mercy. Through his prayer, he received mercy. How do we know? It’s Jesus himself who told us. God is sure to come.


Let us prepare ourselves for God’s coming. We cannot prepare just by words and actions but rather by surrendering over our pride, will, perceived worthiness and misconceptions of what we must do to earn his love and mercy. He will come to us. He will not fail us.



Gerard William

Melbourne DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st Reading: Hosea 5:15b – 6.6

Gospel: Luke 18:9-14