Our God of Miracles

Third Thursday of Lent

Jesus healed a man who was mute. For the first time, the man speaks! Some who saw this were amazed. Others were sceptical. What would your reaction be? I’m guessing you’d say, ‘’amazed of course!’’ And that would be a normal healthy response to something great that happened like seeing a good person exercise real power, and seeing a man finally speak!

But here’s the catch – do we notice all the other ways, the less dramatic ways, Jesus blesses someone through His humble people, the Church?  Or are we so pre-occupied with what is wrong in the Church, that we are blind and deaf to what is amazing, and too mute to speak about it? How sad to face a  banquet of delicious food but unable to taste it because you are preoccupied with your thoughts about those who are serving the food.

Lord, open our eyes of our heart so we may see even the smallest blessings and miracles that you work through your followers, and open our mouths so that we may talk about them.


Kel Simon

Sydney DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st Reading: Jeremiah 7:23-28

Gospel: Luke 11:14-23