In Service of All

Second Tuesday of Lent

In today’s reading, the pharisees seems to get everything right according to the law and despise those who don’t live up to their standard. They very much focus and centred on themselves but God. Pursuit of own perfection but love.

Jesus is the direct opposite, servant of all. Jesus pursues love, mercy, and justice. No double standards, No superiority, No domination or showing off.

We are called to serve with compassion and love. How and who can I serve today with love in my family, my friends, my work place and my community. Which area of my life lack integrity and mercy? Do I love with conditions? Do I see a pharisee in me? Do I not do what I preach? What are my motivations?  

God is constantly calling us back to start again, learn to love and to be humble. We pray to encounter Jesus in a special way during this lent, to help and show us in those areas of our lives that need restoration and healing so be transformed into a new heart and new spirit. In Jesus name!

Thomas Ng

DOJ Sydney South

Today’s Scripture 

1st Reading: Isaiah 1:10, 16-20

Gospel: Matthew 23:1-12