Converting our Hearts

First Saturday of Lent

It is easy to underestimate the challenge of “Love your enemies”. This does not mean we have a vague sense of tolerance for our enemies so that we treat them superficially the same as the people that we like.


How do we love those… who we do love? We are moved from within to do more for them, we easily see their dignity as children of God and it requires no effort to be effusive about their goodness. When it comes to our “enemies”, this is not something we can fake with social politeness or do half-heartedly. It hardly seems possible!


How can we be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect?


Deuteronomy talks of statutes, ordinances and commandments. Undoubtedly, they are important things to know in leading a moral life. However, we are called to a conversion of heart. We are to walk in His ways, “with all your heart and all your soul”. As opposed to being scared of putting a foot wrong or only trying to be compliant with the rules. As children of our Father in heaven, his “treasured people”, He gently corrects us and makes our hearts into His own.


It is through conversion of heart that we begin to experience true love for those that persecute us and those who we struggle to live our lives alongside. During Lent, let us endeavour to let the Holy Spirit mould our hearts so that we can bring genuine love to all our relationships.


Kieran Kirk

Canberra DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st Reading: Deuteronomy 26:16-19 

Gospel: Matthew 5:43-48