His Name is Mercy

Friday First Week of Lent

Consider the very real emotion of a mother who appears on news, telling the world that her son who just massacred many innocent people is not the monster that his actions show him to be. The cry is put forward to the hearers seeking sympathy, ‘this is not really him, he’s really a good boy’.

The logic is clear, the boy’s bad actions gave him a bad reputation. One’s actions result in the person we become. If we choose actions that are good, then our nature will be moulded and formed into that goodness. If we choose actions that are bad, then we head down a path of absorbing badness into our lives.

But the human heart cries out for mercy. Why can God not consider the hidden goodness done by a person who happened to do a bad thing? Surely God can see through this? The answer is yes, he can. In fact, He can see more than what we do, God can see the intentions of the heart, the very motivations that lead to outward behaviour.

Although Jesus’ standard seems impossible to live up to, the good news of the gospel promises that Jesus can refine the intentions of our heart. We are responsible not only for what we do but also for the things we harbour within, which ultimately results in the way we treat others. Today, we are invited to surrender to the Lord’s loving gaze and allow him to refine our hearts.


Matthew Leslie

North Sydney DOJ


Todays Scripture

1st Reading: Ezekiel 18:21-28 

Gospel: Matthew 5:20-16