God’s Call on Your Life

First Wednesday of Lent

Most people would know the story of Jonah.  Today’s first reading from the prophet Jonah takes place after Jonah had run in the opposite direction to where God had called him; after being thrown overboard from a ship, and after being swallowed by a whale; living inside its belly for three days and then finally being vomited onto dry land. It was only then, that Jonah was able to do what he was called by God to do (it could not be any worse than what he’d just gone through). So he preached repentance to the Ninevites who actually listened – a miracle in itself! Imagine that happening in Australian cities today.


Jonah was called by God to do something that he definitely did not want to do. You may not be called to preach repentance like Jonah, but God is certainly calling you to do something. Take some time to reflect on God’s call on your life. You may be running in the opposite direction from God’s call, or you may not even hear God’s call by putting yourself in situations that drown out God’s voice – excess “busyness” or escapism such as spending too much time engaging in social media or watching YouTube and the like.


As you reflect on God’s call on your life, be assured that He will not abandon you even if you fail to listen to Him. “A broken, humbled heart, O God, you will not scorn.” Psalm 50:19


Judy Mullins

Canberra DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st Reading: Jonah 3:1-10 

Gospel: Luke 11:29-32