The Father’s Prayer – Our Prayer

First Tuesday of Lent

Today’s Gospel contains words so well known it is easy to fall victim to what is meant in the saying, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. Interesting that Jesus begins this teaching on prayer with instruction to avoid babble, cautioning us against meaningless rhetoric.


Only then does Jesus introduce us to what is known as the Lord’s Prayer. To fight against the danger of familiarity it may be better for us to consider this as Our Prayer!


  • Jesus needs no reminder of who God is, for in Jesus we see God (John 14:8-9). Yet it is we who struggle to come to terms with the holiness of God, as we can often shrink God down and puff ourselves up!
  • Jesus is not void of God’s Kingdom for where He is, so too the Kingdom. It is we who long for and desperately need the Kingdom alive in our hearts.
  • Jesus submits completely to His Father’s will, but it is we who struggle to humbly submit to what the Father asks of us.
  • Jesus is the Bread of Life, yet it is we who rely on Him for all things.
  • Jesus has no cause for forgiveness, for in Him all are forgiven. It is we who struggle to offer the hand of peace to those closest, let alone our enemies.
  • Jesus won victory over temptation even at his weakest. It is we who struggle with temptation even at our best.


The Lord’s Prayer it may be, but ‘Our Prayer’ is exactly what we need.


Mario Borg

DOJ Perth


Todays Scripture

1st Reading: Isaiah 55:10-11 

Gospel: Matthew 6:7-15