New Life in Him

Saturday After Ash Wednesday

Today’s first reading from Isaiah, speaking of a parched land, resonates with the sentiments of my heart, mind and soul at the moment. I feel tired, dry, worn out, fatigued and maybe a little lost and disillusioned.

The last two years of dealing with COVID and all that has gone with that… fear, separation from loved ones, sickness, inability to attend mass and or connection with community or loved ones has taken its toll.

I am not sure if this has been similar to your journey or experience, but as I reflect on this reading, I hear of a Lord who is wanting to refresh and renew us as he gently beckons to us to “Follow me “.

I believe Jesus would say, “Follow me to the refreshment your heart is longing for.  My hope is that this Lent we will let go of our weariness and discover a new enthusiasm to follow him who alone can satisfy the longings of our heart.


In what practical ways can you choose to follow Jesus this Lent?  What is your heart searching for?  As we follow Jesus, may we come to truly know him and find our rest in Him.


Fiona Smith

Canberra DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st reading – Isaiah 58:9-14

Gospel – Luke 5:27-32