Allowing Transformation

Third Monday of Lent

The first reading today tells us that Naaman goes to Elisha seeking healing. Naaman goes away angry when told to go and wash seven times in the Jordan. He didn’t think his healing would come that way.

Namaan’s expectation of how his healing is going to take place actually blocks him from receiving it. Only when challenged by his servant that Elisha’s request may be his path to healing, does Namaan obey and get healed.

We can be like this. We can intercede for situations to change in our life expecting that God will wave his hand and all will be restored. We expect some amazing, miraculous change to come from above. Sometimes this does happen, but so often I have seen that change comes when I have washed, which requires me to firstly honestly examined my heart. It may be that I have strayed from the Lord, that I have acted unlovingly, not been committed to prayer or been hurt in relationships with others. 

Sometimes I have to do this seven times! Once, I see where I am unclean through my fault, and repent, or the fault of others, in which case I forgive them, I can seek to wash myself in the Lord’s healing and cleansing love. It has taken a movement on my part to allow God in and to restore me. The great transformation then occurs as I open myself to the power of the Holy Spirit to transform my mind and heart and soul.

Frances Simon

Sydney DOJ


Today’s Scripture

1st Reading: 2 Kings 5:1-15a 

Gospel: Luke 4:24-30